Karate Terminology

1.) On first entering the dojo, please say “onegai shimasu”.

2.) Please remove your shoes and place them tidily on the shelf near the door.

3.) Please register daily for the training session and take out your attendance card.

4.) Make sure that you are clean of body and that your nails are short and clean.

5.) Always wear a clean and neatly ironed Karate gi.

6.) Jewellery of any description must not be worn whilst training.

7.) Please refer to the instructor as Sensei (pronounced senn say), or Shihan (dependent on rank).

Hand Strikes

Jodan tzuki – Upper level punch

Chudan tzuki – Middle level punch

Sun tsuki – Short punch

Ura tsuki – Close punch

Awase tsuki – U shaped punch

Age tsuki – Rising punch

Haito uchi – Ridge hand strike

Hiji ate – Elbow strike

Tate hiji ate – Vertical elbow strike

Mawashi hiji ate – Round elbow strike

Shotei uchi – Palm heel strike

Shuto uchi – Knife hand strike

Ura uchi – Back fist strike

Yoko ura uchi – Side back fist strike

Tetsui uchi – Hammer fist strike

Furi uchi – Swing strike